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Along with our long-term technology partner, Cisco, we are working to support businesses to enact secure remote working capabilities, quickly and seamlessly – to keep Australia working.

There’s a reason Webex is the platform of choice for global leaders getting together to discuss global issues – and it’s not just its ease of use, rich features and cross platform integration – it’s because it’s built with the inherent security layers of the worlds largest enterprise security company, Cisco.

"Working remotely requires tools.

Working securely requires Webex."

As we all scramble to keep up with a rapidly changing world, and adapt to new ways of life and new ways of doing business - it's all too easy to zoom into some things without fully assessing all risks.

We believe no business should compromise on security, which is why this offer is so important right now. It allows any business to deploy remote working capabilities at speed, without compromising on security - and it's FREE for 90-days.

You'll also receive expert advice on your specific business needs, drawn from over 15 years' experience delivering network collaboration and remote working solutions.


What’s on offer:

Free 90-day Webex trial and staging service with expert advice and support from our team of solutions experts.


What’s included:

  • Full featured HD video meetings, content sharing and recording;
  • Unlimited meetings and webinars with up to 200 participants;
  • Webex Teams;
  • Microsoft Exchange Calendar, Directory Sync;
  • Toll-dial-in and VoIP audio options;
  • Desktop and mobile app integration;
  • Analytics and Troubleshooting dashboard;
  • Use case and requirement consultation;
  • Initial admin user setup; and
  • Basic training.

To sign up and start your free 90-day Webex trial, complete the form on the right and one of our solutions experts will be in touch with you shortly.